inquestosuovenirmeno: A+

Thank you :-)

nonrockandroll: |This is not a question| This is the best blog i've seen so far. I want this book, it could be my fetish object.

So kind :-)

atoms-masher: YOU are brilliant. That is all.

You are very kind :-)

grauerwolfgehenkt: i looooove your tumblr so so SO much! this made my day! so happy i found it.. it drives me crazy to see all those gems from old heroes. those days where photography was still classy and breathtaking in music mags. and its true rareties among the photos i havent even seen before. thanks so much for sharing. love from berlin! /sophia scalpel

Really pleased you enjoyed them …I’ve had great time scanning them & putting them online :-)

This is my scrapbook that I kept between the ages of 15 & 18 - cut from NME, Melody Maker & Sounds